AA Pupil introduction fee 2010

The AA driving school pupil introduction fee rose to £40 in feb 2010 so I was told by one of their franchised instructors told me recently!

This fee wouldn't be a problem if the quality of the introductions where high like it used to be in the olden days when every referal came with a minimum of 12 pre-paid hours so you where guaranteed a set income for each learner driver. Nowadays you pay the £40 fee even if the learner driver only takes one driving lesson, especially now with the state of the economy and the high cost the the AA charges for tuition.

I have mentioned in the past that driving school franchises are designed to make money, so all the call centre has to do is to persuade the provisional licence owner to prepay for one lesson, they charge the instructor £40 in addition to the weekly franchise fee, it is then up to the instructor to do everything in his/her power to keep the pupil, which might include dropping the lesson price from the official rate!


Anonymous said...

I'm about to leave a franchise with Bill Plant for the same sort of reasons. I'm restricted in the hours I can work and have for the last seven months ended up paying them for the privelege of working for them, and taking no profit.
They operate a restrictive covenant in the agreement which prevents me taking on any customers I previously taught as an instructor for them. In some cases where pupils feel a strong attachment this has been very hard for them to swallow - especially for those who trust me and started as very nervous learners.

BB Driving School said...

Mr Bill Plant wrecked the Driving School Business. Cheap Cheap Cheap