AA Driving Lessons

Why have you decided to have lessons with AA Driving school? Does having learner driver tuition with them guarantee a better service and thus a higher chance of passing the driving test?

One of the marketing sales pitch of the AA Driving School is that we only use fully qualified approved driving instructors (ADI), while that is good, you must remember that every driving instructor is self-employed, and thus does not fully answer to anyone at the AA.

It is therefore important for you think carefully if you are not getting good quality tuition from your AA Driving Instructor, do you stick with them just because of the prestige of the brand or are you really interested in learning to drive a car safely and going on to passing your DSA driving test.

The AA driving school just like any other training establishment can provide good quality tuition, but it depends soley on the attitude and drive of your individual AA driving instructor, and not the brand name. Many of the instructors with the AA are very hard working, proud of the brand and do a good job of providing quality learner driver tuition, but you might be unlucky and get a bad apple, then you need to make sure you don't keep quiet. You are paying for a service, not cheap driving lessons either, so if you are not getting the good quality tuition you expect from the AA driving school instructor, request to get a new one.

Back to the orginal question, choosing AA driving lessons doesn't guarantee a top quality tuition experience, though more often than not you will get one, but you can also get this elsewhere so don't discount local independent driving schools and their ADIs.

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