AA Instructors Insite Website

One of the best tools the AA Driving School offers to its Instructors for managing their business is the Insite Website.

When I first joined the AA as an instructor in 2003, the insite website was only accesable to those who used 56k modems to access the internet, I had broadband so I was unable to use this tool to manage my diary, set pupil cap limits or do other functions that an AA driving instructor had to do on a daily basis to effectively run their driving school business.

On joining the school for my second franchise with them, I was unlucky to have started at a time when they were carrying out a major upgrade of the Dataflex system which was part of the backbone infrastructure behind the Driving School's Insite Intranet, so the first few months were full of teething problems as the new insite system was written specifically to improve on the 10yr old dataflex system. While the features that were implemented by the new insite system were numerous and gave instructors complete control of their business, my first impressions were not good especially when you are starting out a new driving instructor business with a well known brand like the AA.

AA Insite Intranet Problems Fixed

Following a few months of teething problems with the AA driving school insite website, all system issues were fixed, and instructors now had a very useful tool to help them perform all their administrative tasks without having to call the Driving School call centre in Bristol.

You could check transactions on your account as they were added, so if a new pupil was allocated, you would see the details, any charges that were applied would also show, and as an AA driving instructor, I always kept close watch on these, as the system was not infallable, and mistakes could happen and I would be ready to query any unrecognised transactions especially those £30 pupil intriduction charges.

While I've never used any other national driving school's franchise management system, I must say that once the AA driving school's insite problems were fixed, that it turned out to be one of the most valuable tools the instructor could use to function properly as an AA ADI.

If you are a fully qualified instructor currently holding a franchise with the AA driving School and don't use the Insite Intranet, I would advise you to get broadband at home, and get connected to this important business tool provided by the AA.

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