Ex AA Instructor in Court in Franchise battle

An ex AA driving instructor is challenging the AA driving school in court over it's driving school franchise on the grounds of fraudulent misrepresentation and damages, the main problem being that they take on more instructors than they are able to support with pupil supplies!

Anyone who has been in this business will know that any franchise is out there to make money for the owners, and the cause of the franchisee is secondary.

I left the AA for the very fact that they couldn't supply me with enough learner drivers in London in 2007, despite the fact that I had to pay them almost £200 a week, on top of which there was the £30 a pupil introduction charge.

While I do sympathise with this ex-AA driving instructor, I would not have taken the bold step he took based just on the words of a salesperson sitting in a Bristol based call centre who was concerned about meeting their monthly target.

I wish him all the best with the case that begins on the 6th of April 2010.

Details of the claim can be found here


Learner Driver said...

I am glad someone is taking action, because most franchise companies are taking people for ride.

Anonymous said...

I hope you win the AA are still doing the same to its instructors now . Things are very very hard . The AA dont care as long as you pay there £210 a wk