AA Driving School Franchise 10 facts

The AA driving school franchise is not a bad deal, and is a very good way of starting your driving instructor business as long as you are aware of a few things.

1. The AA is a strong brand which is very good for instructors getting new learners privately, but don't expect them to pay the full lesson price for their area when coming to you directly.

2. Don't take an AA Driving Instructor franchise expecting them to give you all the pupils that will make your business successful, you need to do your own marketing as well, and expect to keep doing this until you are established.

3. You can't use the AA logo on your personal website, stationary, but you can mention you are an AA driving Instructor. Photos of your car can not also be used on private marketing materials.

4. You get all the stationary you need to run your business free, but cards, AA approved marketing materials are provided at extra cost.

5. The franchise fee is payable weekly, and is usually off set by any AA driving lessons you have given which have been prepaid to the Bristol office. AA pupil introduction fees are additional.

6. The is an introduction franchise fee discount for new driving instructors which could be up to 10 weeks, and there could be other offers as well. The introductory discount means you don't have to pay the full weekly fee which is very helpful for a newly qualified ADI to build their client base.

7. There is a 2 day induction course before you take up the franchise. You will get your ford focus driving school car during the induction course.

8. You only need to give 30 days notice to end your AA franchise.

9. You will undergo a credit check when applying for a franchise, and there is a deposit (payable by card) when you apply.

10 The AA driving School makes money from its franchise holders, so make sure you get the service you deserve.


Anonymous said...

Some things to remember.
1. The pupil introduction fee is very inflexible. You can pay a £40 fee and find that the pupil concerned only takes a couple of lessons, leaving you with about ten pounds for a two hour lesson! This happened to me several times and the help desk staff were not interested.

2. The vehicle arrangement is a bit of a mine field. Any scratches or digs beyond what is deemed to be, 'fair wear and tear will incur a £50 charge. If the car is damaged while you are away from it, in a car park for example, you will receive a £50 charge if it is reported, and full cost if not. In the event of an accident, you will be charges £50 unless Lombard make a successful claim against the other party.

Anonymous said...

This happened to me as well. No pupils and the ones I did get only lasted a few lessons and I still had to pay 40 quid each.
The AA don't care about instructors, all they want is their cash!

Anonymous said...

I have undertook my training with the AA and passed in only 7 months and took a franchise out in May 2013. I wish I hadn't as they are a complete rip off!

Franchise fee is £210 per week + pupil introductions. If you are not earning enough your regional manager will say enlarge your area (postcodes) or work more hrs.

Remember that you need to allow travelling time between lessons so you need to add this unpaid time into your working week.

If your diary is open for 30hrs be prepared for approx 10hrs of unpaid work. Like most instructors you won't have 30 hrs of solid work over 5 days and will be working over 7 days. In 5 months my average hourly rate is less than minimum wage before paying tax or N.I.

Your regional business manager will be a waste of space as they can only just manage their own expenses.

The AA think they have a recognised brand. Ask any 17 to 23 year old and they have only gone with the AA because there dad said so etc.

If you do not give a pupil what they want the AA take them off of you and no refund for introduction if you have given them any lessons.

I wish I had never started with them as there are better options elsewhere but when your green you learn from your mistakes.