AA needs Driving Instructors

Apparently the AA driving school is looking for more fully qualified instructors to join them. I recently received a letter in the post from them, which is probably part of a new advertising/marketing campaign for the year 2009 advising me on the new opportunities that they can now offer ADIs that take up a franchise with them.

As an ex AA driving school franchisee, I'm fully aware of the benefits of being with them, and would currently prefer to remain an independent instructor, and won't be tempted by their 24 hour vehicle replacement service, the discounted weekly fees in the first 8 or 10 weeks, though the new feature where they offer a free week after 6 and 12 months is quite tempting!

Pupil supply is something that I'm not totally sure of, and anyone seeking to go with the AA driving school franchise is best advised to check with local AA instructors to see if there is enough learners being supplied to them before committing to the contract, as not everyone can be a fleet, or instructor trainer, and you need to be with them for at least being considered, and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted.

Don't be totally convinced by the highly hyped and well written marketing material you got in the post, as you will always have to pay your weekly franchise fee irrepective of whether you get enough pupils or not, and pupil introductions are additional costs for the AA driving school instructor.

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