BSM or AA driving school franchise

If you are asking the question which driving school franchise should I go for as a recently qualified instructor looking to build up a pupil base before going independent, then my suggestion would be the AA driving school just for the main reason that you are currently only tied into a one month contract as opposed to BSM which can be up to 6 months.

Unless you already have a job and want to start driving instruction on a part-time basis, most newly qualified ADIs have to join a school franchise in order to get their foot into the business, as it takes more than a few family members, friends and neighbours to earn a living.

Some BSM instructors particularly those in metropolitan cities might swear by their franchises, but consider being locked into a 6 month contract in an area where BSM is not very strong, and having to pay £300 a week irrespective of if you have enough learner drivers or not (no franchise ever includes a guarantee of pupil supply in their contract).

While I am no longer with the AA driving school, it would be my option if I ever needed a boost in learner drivers as an existing or newly qualified driving instructor, and the weekly fee of £200 is not too bad even though you still have to pay £40 pounds for every new pupil supplied!

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Just like to correct this blog there is a school that guarentee pupils in their contract, take a look at